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ChariMe was created with the vision of building a social media platform that facilitates seamless connections between non-profit organizations (NPOs) and donors in this post-pandemic world. The goal is to empower NPOs and donors with a user-friendly platform that fosters transparency, efficiency, and accessibility in the charitable giving ecosystem.

Project Overview

ChariMe is a mobile application that empowers non-profit organizations to run effective fundraising campaigns, while donors can easily view and contribute to these campaigns. Users gain insights into campaign progress, historical data on NPOs’ past initiatives, and access to trending projects. ChariMe levels the playing field, enabling new non-profits to secure funding more efficiently and promoting growth in the charitable sector.

Technical Implementation

The core of ChariMe is built using the Flutter framework, ensuring a smooth and cross-platform user experience. Data storage and management are handled through Amazon RDS with MySQL, employing robust and scalable cloud solutions for seamless performance.

Python scripts optimize database interactions, facilitating efficient querying and population of the database for fast and accurate operations, even under high user loads.

Challenges and Solutions

Integrating Amazon Web Services (AWS) into the Flutter framework posed challenges due to limited official support. Solutions were found by testing multiple third-party plugins until a secure and reliable solution was identified, enabling seamless upload and listing of S3 bucket contents.


ChariMe successfully developed and deployed a fully functional mobile application that bridges the gap between NPOs and donors post the pandemic era. The platform empowers remote connections for charitable giving without compromising safety. Additionally, it provides unique insights into popular campaigns, empowering users to make informed contributions.

Key Learnings

The project deepened understanding of various Amazon services, adeptly integrating them into the mobile application for optimal performance and reliability. Extensive research yielded valuable insights into secure and efficient methods of connecting NPOs with donors, fortifying the platform’s foundation for future scalability.

Implementing the provider architecture for state management facilitated efficient application state management, setting the stage for seamless scaling and ongoing maintenance.

Future Enhancements

ChariMe’s roadmap includes integrating Amazon Pay to streamline payment services, offering donors a frictionless donation experience. Additionally, the implementation of Amazon Quantum Ledger Database for fast, secure, and decentralized payment management is being explored.

Furthermore, plans involve developing a powerful recommender system. The recommender system will suggest relevant campaigns based on users’ past donations, empowering them to support causes close to their hearts.

Finally, the project aims to implement a ranking system displaying comprehensive metrics such as total revenue earned by NPOs, their financial status (excess/deficit), and IRS standing, granting users valuable insights for making informed charitable contributions.

ChariMe is poised to redefine charitable giving, fostering connections that drive positive change in the world.